Music is ingrained in his mind, body, and soul.  The musical indwelling is becoming soulfully evident as Jordan Fernandez takes the global stage.  Jordan says his early memories of music include banging on stuff and making an array of sounds as a toddler growing up in a household with Cuban and Dominican parents, who bathed the home in music.  Jordan says the music danced in his spirit; and his quest as an artist, is to create music that means something and that makes people feel.


Jordan’s infatuation with music grew as he became a fan of the chart-topping Irish band The Script and Maroon 5. His love for 80’s dance-infused rhythm met a new love in musical influences like One Republic and Ed Sheeran.  In fact, Jordan describes his style as Pop/Rock with Hip-Hop overtones with a dash of that Latino mojo.


Creating music that transcends is Jordan’s driving force.  Whether his voice is embracing American or Latin music, Jordan believes every note he sings and writes should speak to the heart of everyone that hears it.  An alumnus of the popular Latin show MINUTO DE FAMA and THE VOICE – Jordan says he is exhilarated when he sees music lovers get excited about what he does.


The South Florida native considers himself a living example of delightful contrasts.  Known to many as the “whitest” Latin boy ever – you’d never guess that from his strong Latin (Jordan says almost to the point of Arabic) features. While those striking features grab the eye, they beckon you to fall in love with a vocalist reminiscent of Julio Iglesias, but also wonderfully capable of  nailing a cover by Bruno Mars. Hearing all of Jordan means listening to a vocalist who can bring the drama in a booming Hispanic ballad; shake up the rhythm in your groove; and pour out a little something to soothe your heart as you reminisce about the love that got away. That’s because Jordan says he wants those who engage him to hear his passion for music in its purest form. That engagement includes lyrical dishes from Jordan’s kitchen including BRING ME HOME and MAN LIKE ME.


A gifted songwriter as well, Jordan, enjoys spending time with his pen and pad, and then creating magical rhythmic recipes in the studio with producers like DJ Blackout (Winston Thomas) and Terrence “Tracksion” Rolle. For Jordan, performing live is an indescribable rush!  Jordan imagines himself standing and pouring his heart into Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium; and prepares for that dream by performing across South Florida as a solo artist and as part of the popular band – 30Vice.


When not singing music, rehearsing music, playing music at several South Florida hot spots and sharpening his vocals; you can find Fernandez – who describes himself as an athlete and a nerd – enjoying episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” and encore episodes of “Friends” (don’t tell anyone, but Jordan says some people say he’s a lot like the Ross character). Yet Jordan says none of that takes away from one thing – music is his very being. “I’m very blessed to do this. I’m a melting pot of music, and I want to share that.”



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